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The Way Back Home Harold Southwick

The Way Back Home

Harold Southwick

Published October 27th 2009
ISBN : 9781607997511
304 pages
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 About the Book 

Through the bloody battlefields of Vietnam and Iraq, to the most precious moments in life, Hal and his son, Eddie, find themselves on separate journeys as they seek to find their way in life. As Hal takes up his call to ministry, Eddie begins a spiral of pain, anger, and resentment toward God after many of lifes tragedies. Both will come to understand why life is full of pain and hardship and how Gods presence never leaves. Harold Southwicks The Way Back Home is the fascinating story of not only the Edwards familys struggles and triumphs but of a God who relentlessly pursues and draws them to himself. Anyone who has a reason to resent God will find this book full of His goodness and grace through the good times and the worst. A story of war, love, and hope⎯The Way Back Home shows how God uses the ordinary and weak in extraordinary ways through lifes many battles. Harold Southwick is a retired rancher-farmer who served a tour of duty in Germany, and then was recalled for another tour during the Berlin Crisis and the early days of the Vietnam conflict. He and his wife, Sue, are the parents of three grown daughters and are grandparents to seven grandchildren. They reside in Glenns Ferry, Idaho, which is nestled along the banks of the Snake River.